How to shop at our online store?

Of all the items that are displayed on our website are available for purchase only those which are framed in a red box and have an icon of a shopping cart. To purchase any of them, follow these steps:

  1. Select the category of product you are interested (Leather cases, mudguards, flaps S-Bag o stickers).
  2. Click on the item you wish to buy to see in detail the product, its features, reference, price, etc..
  3. Click "Add To Cart". Appears at the top right of the page an arrow pointing to a shopping cart.
  4. You can then choose to continue shopping or process your order. If you want to continue shopping, repeat the process to add more items to your cart.
    To process your order, click on the cart located in the top right of the page and you will see a new window.
  5. In the new window you can check the items you have added to your shopping cart, as well as price and quantity.
    To add or remove item use the symbols + and - that appear in the window..
    Select the sending country, and then press "CONFIRM PURCHASE".
  6. Fill in the correct billing and shipping information and click the box to accept the legal disclaimer.
    Click "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" and a new window will appear confirming your order.
    Accept the terms of purchase and click "CONFIRM ORDER".
    It will open a window to PayPal to make the payment. Be sure to do it correctly.
  7. After the payment you will receive confirmation within days of your order and the shipping date.
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